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Custom holiday card FAQs

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Hey Y’all - so I realized I have been designing custom holiday cards for five years and I get some of the same questions every year so I thought this post would be handy to reference for all my clients. Spot a question I missed? Leave it in the comments!

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Price difference between custom and online retailers

If you check out the popular online retailers, my sale pricing (for the month of October) is very close to theirs, usually only about a $20-30 difference. The big difference? You’re getting a design that none of your neighbors, friends or relatives will have! None of that “showing up to the party in the same Target dress* as your arch nemesis” over here! *this may have happened to me…

Do I have to have my photo(s) to order?

NO!! You do not have to have your family photos to place your order! In fact, when you order I ask when you will have your photo(s). As long as I have them before December 1, we’re good!

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What formats are available?

My standard holiday cards are 5x7 and include a front and back design (as many photos as you want to include!). Other options available are a tri-fold, gate fold, fold over, and circle die cut (NEW this year and great to use as an ornament!) all in varying sizes.

How does the design process work?

It’s pretty simple. You send me photos (and design inspiration, if you’d like) and choose fonts/colors from my charts (I can also color match and use a specific font upon request). We talk about your vision and then I get to work! Two rounds of proofs are included in the pricing.

What is the turn around time?

Typically from start of design (once I have your photos) to in the mail headed to your house is about 2 weeks. As we creep closer to Thanksgiving that can go up a few days. Best to order early!

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Is envelope addressing available?

Yes! I offer both guest addressing ($1/envelope) and return addressing (.50/envelope) printing in coordinating fonts/colors to match your cards.

Why should I order from you?

Because I’m awesome, duh! Haha! In all seriousness - I love designing holiday cards for families, its so special to me. And when those clients come back the following year and refer their friends, it is the highest compliment. I’m a one woman show and by ordering from me - you’re helping me grow and showing my kids that you can chase those big dreams! Plus, no one wants a cookie cutter holiday card (pun intended!)

If I were you, I’d click the button below and order yours today - I am only taking on a limited number of custom holiday card clients this year!