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Save the Dates | Wedding Stationery 101

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So, you got engaged - HOORAY! Now all.the.planning. One of the first things you will probably do is pick your date and venue. After that you’ll probably book your photographer and take engagement photos. THEN COMES THE REALLY FUN PART - wedding paper! Save the dates have become pretty common but there is a wide variety of choices and so I thought I would break them down for you a little!

Printed vs. Digital

There are definitely advantages to both. Y’all aren’t surprised to hear that I lean towards the snail mail Save the Date ;) but I also know that in this day and age people are way more apt to send invitations electronically.

Ways to send digitally

There are several great web sites that you allow you to upload custom designs and track responses from guests. My personal favorites are Greenenvelope and Paperless Post. Of course you can also upload a .jpg in a regular email server and BCC all of your guests too.

digital save the date v2-01.jpg

Printed Formats Available


This is a popular option because then clients don’t have to pay extra for envelopes and the postage is slightly less as well.

Galveston Save the Date custom monogram.JPG


I love this choice because then guests can just stick them up on their fridge. I will say - these were much more popular about 5-7 years ago but I still get requests for them like the couple's save the date below.

rachel save the date styled shot-01.jpg

Traditional card

These can range from flat printing to foiled (like the example below) and vary in size although the most popular are typically 4x6 or 5x7.

megan save the date styled shot-01.jpg

Engagement photos a must?

Definitely not! While it is very common right now to see couples engagement photos on their save the date, its not a must have. In fact, there are some gorgeous non-photo save the dates options like the one below.

So, don’t feel pressured to take engagement photos JUST for the save the date!

brian and nora save the date.jpg

When to Send?

There are several schools of thought on this - but traditional etiquette dictates sending the save the date about 6 months prior to the wedding. It can go up to about 8 to 9 months if you are having a destination wedding or if you have a ton of out-of-town guests that will need to make travel arrangements or if your wedding falls on a holiday weekend.