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Gratitude Note | Free Printable

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gratitude notecard styled.jpg

Last November, I decided I wanted to write simple notes to people in my life that I feel grateful for. Y’all. The response to these notes changed my perspective and was so uplifting for ME. I’m convinced we don’t take enough time to notice and appreciate those around us.

So this “thankful season” take a minute and write a note to someone that has made a difference in your life. And I’ve made it super simple for the note to be pretty - just download my gratitude notecard below.

Having a hard time narrowing down who to write to? Make a list! Here are some of the folks I wrote to: my mom friends, our pastor, my aunts, my kids’ teachers, my pediatrician, my old bosses and vendor friends.

gratitude notecards (plum)-01.jpg
gratitude notecards-01.jpg

download both versions here!