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5 Tips to Get Beautiful Detail Photos | Guest Post with Lindsey LaRue Photography

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Hello Lovelies! I am so excited to be collaborating on a guest post with Ryann from the amazing nine0nine creative! I am Lindsey of Lindsey LaRue Photography and I photograph weddings and anniversaries for heartfelt couples who want to be an authentic example of love to those around them. The average bride spends months and months planning out the intricate details of their wedding, and if you are anything like them, you want to remember these details in ten, twenty, and fifty years! After the wedding, you won’t keep most of the little details that went into your day, but the photos taken will always attest to the loveliness of every detail. Do you also want your details photographed flawlessly? Then grab a pen and paper because today I’m sharing my top 5 tips to make it happens!

1. Have Your Details Ready

As a photographer, I hate when I have to pester a bride for all of her bridal details when I first arrive! You’re getting your hair and makeup done, enjoying time with your girls, and the last thing I want you to do is run around finding all your various details for me. Instead, it is so much better to have ALL your details organized and in one place so that you can just hand me a basket when I arrive. In the days before the wedding put all your details into the same basket and then have them ready for me when I arrive. Your shoes, jewelry, ALL the wedding rings, veil/hair pieces, sashes or ribbons, invitation/paper suite, and dress hanger should all be in the basket by your dress when I arrive. Also, if you want any other details (like your perfume or garters) captured, tuck those in the basket, too! This not only saves you stress, but it saves time on the wedding day so that I can spend more capturing your beautiful bridal details.

2. Plenty of Natural Light

The key to beautiful images is good light. In the ideal situation, you and your maids will be getting ready in a clean room with neutral colored walls and multiple windows that let in copious natural light. More than one window is key- if you and your hair/makeup artist are set up in front of the only window in the room, that means I can’t set up there for detail images. If necessary I will take your details out of the room and find another location with ideal lighting, but if your room has plenty of the natural light I need, this allows me to stay close by in case I see something wonderful to capture between you and your girls (a win-win!).

3. Coordinate With Your Florist

Don’t forget to have your bouquets and boutonnieres delivered to your bridal suite at the same time that I arrive! Details shots that incorporate your bouquet and bouts are so beautiful and I love when I get to capture your florals at their freshest! An extra tip that will take your detail images to the next level- ask your florist to include some loose greenery and florals that I can use to style the detail images. Your florist will almost always have a couple leftover stems that didn’t make it into the bouquets and these are great for me to use in styling your invitations or other details.

4. Provide Your Wedding Paper Suite

This is especially important if you are interested in having your wedding published online or in print- publishers LOVE a beautifully photographed invitation suite! To ensure that your photographer can fully capture your suite, provide two full sets that are addressed with dummy addresses. Don’t forget to include any other paper goods from the day, too! Ceremony programs, menus, seating cards, escort cards, and table numbers all contribute to the paper story of your day!

5. Make Time For Your Details

This is the most important tip that I can give you! My brides have excellent taste and setting up their details to capture them the best way takes time. I work closely with my brides and their planners so that I can have at least one hour of uninterrupted time to capture just the details. If set up properly in the timeline, I should be emerging from shooting the details just as your hair and makeup are nearly complete to capture your “getting ready”. 

If you keep these 5 tips in mind you will be well on your way to capturing your wedding day details in the most beautiful way!

To connect with Lindsey you can find her website HERE, and to follow along with her daily you can find her Instagram HERE.

Business goals for 2016

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As the new year starts, I have big goals for my business and I thought it might be a good idea to share them with y'all so that a) I'm held accountable and b) to encourage everyone to dream big in the new year! So here they are in no particular order:

    • Finish this site! I'm close to being done for now but there are a few more listings to be added
    • Reach out to at least 5 new local event planners with a goodie box
    • Are you a Houston event planner or know one that's great? I'd love to hear from you!
    • For now I'd like to post to Instagram once a day; blog once a week and use Facebook a few times a week
    • This is a hard one because I feel like I make a schedule and then never stick to it, you know?! 
    • Do y'all have any secret weapons you'd like to share for streamlining social media?
  • SEO
    • Hire an SEO expert so that more lovely folks like y'all find me 
    • As some of you may know - I have two kids. One is 6 and a kindergartener and the other is (almost) 3 and attends school Tuesdays and Thursdays. My big personal/business goal for 2016 is to use my time wisely while both kids are in school so that I really limit how much I sit at the computer when either or both of them are home.

Now I'd love to hear from you! What are your big goals {professional or personal} for 2016? 

The beginning of the blog...

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I'm so excited to be giving the nine0nine creative Web site a facelift complete with a new blog section AND a place to purchase invitations! The plan is to blog once a week about everything from styled shoots I'm apart of to family celebrations! And the shop... well its a work in progress but fingers crossed it will be live in the next few weeks before 2016! I'm thrilled to be adding these new pieces to my business and hope you'll follow along!