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6 ways to preserve handwriting

stationery 101Ryann JarrardComment

I don't know about you, but my grandmother had beautiful handwriting (it was cursive, y'all) and so does my mom. I have very neat handwriting but its not stop-and-stare pretty like theirs is. So I've recently been on a mission to find ways to preserve their handwriting and I came up with the following list! I'd love to hear any other ideas y'all might have - share in the comments! 

Tea Towels

These tea towels would be so fun to use for old recipe cards that have been passed down from generation to generation! I love things that are both functional and meaningful! 

Image courtesy of  Nesting Project

Image courtesy of Nesting Project

Wedding Invitation Plaque

Well, y'all knew I couldn't include a blog post about preserving handwriting without including a unique way to preserve your wedding invitation! I love how personalized these plaques are!

Photo courtesy of  2 chic chicks

Photo courtesy of 2 chic chicks


Now here is something I'd like as a gift at some point - a necklace featuring my kids handwriting. If anyone happens to know my husband - feel free to send the message along! 

Christmas ornament 

In our family, Christmas ornaments are collected on every single trip we go on and its such a special keepsake and makes decorating our tree full of memories every year. So, of course I loved the idea of adding a handwritten ornament to our tree! 

Photo courtesy of  Make Things Lovely

Photo courtesy of Make Things Lovely

DIY serving platter 

This seems like a pretty easy DIY project to either use or display in your home. You can find the full tutorial over on the Reluctant Entertainer's blog! 

Photo courtesy of  Reluctant Entertainer

Photo courtesy of Reluctant Entertainer

Handwritten note

Now, I have saved the most important for last. These are what really spurred this post. Last November, I made a pledge to hand write a note every day to someone I was grateful for. Not only was it special for the recipient to receive but it allowed me a moment every day to reflect on how many people have touched my life. I also make my children write thank you notes because I want to instill in them a sense of gratitude. 

handwritten notes.JPG

Easy teacher/friend/neighbor holiday gift idea

Ryann JarrardComment

Oh man, its already that time of year again - the gift lists seem never ending and Pinterest is overwhelming. Well, I have an easy and USEFUL gift idea for you! Its not original but I think you'll like it. I present to you: soap! With a cute gift tag, natch. I made these for my mom's group and I think they'll be a big hit as we all have little germ hoarders running around! 

hand soap with cute gift tag

Click here for the printable sheet with both red and green text. 

You'll need these items for the project which probably you have at home or can grab on a quick trip to Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Those glue dots. Just do it.

supplies needed for soap tags

Then grab any bottles of soap that strike your fancy. I picked up a whole bunch from Bath and Body Works  as they are buy 5 for $18right now and they have a ton of lovely smelling, holiday ones to choose from. 

holiday soaps from bath and body works

So you'll just print out the cards that I've linked above (I recommend using card stock as it is more sturdy) and then size the festive paper to be the border, pop a glue dot on the back of the printed card, punch a hole, tie some twine and VOILA! An instant, useable teacher/friend/neighbor Christmas gift!